Professional Translators

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When you want to get your message across in another language, it is important that it is not only the words that are translated, but also the context. Meaning that the cultural background should be taken into consideration so that the real message is not lost in translation.

Therefore it is important that your company does not think that they can get away with a google translation. Google translate should only be used by persons with extended language skills, who have the ability to see through the bad translations provided, and make them better.

If you receive a promotional email, which is clearly translated using Google or maybe translated by a non-professional, what do you do? Press Delete?

It is hard to take such an email serious, and you might even consider it as spam. This also applies, when you go to the web and search for a product or a service you would like to buy.

In Denmark the title “State Authorised Translator” is protected and can only be granted by The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DVVA) (Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen) after the translator has graduated from the Faculty of Modern Languages at the Danish Business School with a Masters degree in translation and interpretation (Cand. ling. merc).

The translator confirms the translated text with a seal, signature and an endorsement to the effect that the translation is a complete and true translation of the original text.

Confirmed translations are only needed in special cirumstances. However the client can always be sure that any text translated by NPLtranslations is of high quality.